Dr. Chris Villanueva is one of the most competent dental practitioners with a vision to come up with something that could help the dentist to their job more effective and competently. Since he was one of the very famous active practitioners, so he knew what kind of day he has faced today and not just affecting his performance but also his customer care services because sometimes things happened which required immediate and he needs to leave the office to complete that.


So to find such solution he came up with MB2 Dental. He founded this firm with an idea of offering the best possible services to an individual or a company who is working in the dental field. The firm is continuously improving his numbers and till today its holds more than seventy locations that are working under the command ship of MB2 and Chris is assisting such affiliated location in growing even more by offering to outclass customer services to their client.


When people asked him about the idea that emphasized him to opt for MB2 Dental, he said when he took his formal education about dentistry he does not have many options but very few. And he did not call any one of them, but he opted for the third one; to start a company that can help another dental practitioner to get one-stop services for their all dental services including customer care, modern and latest machinery and much more. In MB2 Dental, they refer their esteemed client to the doctors that are competent and expert of their respective field.


He also said even though he owns a multinational company under the name of MB2 Dental, but he still prefers to live an ordinary life. And for that whenever he got the free time he likes to walk leisurely and think about things that need to done to improve the services even more so that the list of their satisfied can increase and he can help their client in a more effective way. He is not just an extraordinary CEO but also an extraordinary individual. He cares for his employees very much, and he always tries to make them feel positive about their job. He prefers to let the employees do his work so that they can learn a thing. Even though he can tell them the solution but in that they won’t know how to research and fix the solution themselves.