Having success in the online fashion marker is an extremely difficult task, when Amazon presently controls the market, with a ginormous 20% market share of fashion e-commerce. Despite that, that’s exactly what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is slowly accomplishing, expanding to a $250 million company in just over 2 years. Fabletics is a part of the increasingly popular active wear trends that are sweeping the nation by storm. Fabletics uses a subscription based service to market clothing to its clients.

Unlike Fabletic’s competitors, who take the traditional “showroooming” approach(which has not been that successful for its users), Fabletics uses a reverse showroom approach. This approach converts members of their online subscription service into in store shoppers. This marketing approach has produced impressive results,as nearly half of their new in store shoppers are already established with their subscription service. In addition to that a quarter of unsubscribed first time in store shoppers become subscription members after there visit.

Upon subscribing, you take a survey about what types of workouts you do and what styles of active wear you prefer. Then, Based off of your preferences, a variety of outfits are selected. I’m uncertain if the apparel are really that different than the preferences made in the survey , because there are a great number of outfits curated.

The quality is equal if not better than the price paid. The quality is a lot better than expected. The leggings’ quality compares nicely to many of its competitors. They are thick, with no transparency problems. The compression is excellent and fits to the shape of your body. They stand the test of time as the leggings keep the color and do not fade. The shirts are extremely soft and compares well to its competitors as well. The clothes come in a wide range of styles from solid colors to wild and crazy patterns. Anyone going through the process can find a style that fits their personality.

The Pricing of the clothing makes it steal when compared to similar clothing on the market. The quality of Fabletics clothing could easily go for a much higher price than the $40-$70 asking price for 1-3 outfits.


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