Doe Deere is a very interesting face to the cosmetics game. She is changing the way that people look at cosmetics in a very intriguing way. For the longest time consumers have looked at cosmetics as something that they go to a store and try.


There are tons of cosmetic consultants in malls that will sit a person down and allow them to try on different shades of makeup. The consultant will actually give a person a mini makeover to let them see how certain makeup looks on their face. This is the way that makeup has traditionally been sold.


The way that Doe Deere has taking on makeup is a totally different response to what people may have seen as the traditional way to promoting cosmetics. What she has realized is that there is a strong push for more eCommerce in the digital age. More people are buying things online in social media is the most important part of the marketing equation. Doe Deere is someone that has recognized this early, and she has been able to capitalize on this by presenting her Lime Crime brand through various social media channels. Everyone that takes the time to look at her brand will discover that it is a company that is completely digital when it comes to promotion.


It is rather interesting to see how someone like Doe Deere has been able to transition from a small business owner to a much bigger CEO of a company that is thriving solely on internet promotion. Many people may not even realize that this is a possibility, but Doe Deere has paid attention to the Generation Z. She realizes that millennials have put a lot of time into getting info through online communication.


Doe Deere has been able to build a successful brand because she has stayed connected to a social media community. She has been able to bypass the traditional marketing techniques. This has a lot to do with the fact that she is young, and she puts a lot of her time into marketing. She really knows her crowd. Doe Deere stays connected to a number of social media platforms where she presents different makeup, eyeliner and nail polish products. This is where she has been able to evolve as a very interesting piece of the cosmetics equation. She knows that her online presence is the driving force to sales.

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