There is a great amount of excitement in the air when it comes to the opening of new stores for the Fabletics open. Kate Hudson is getting her fans pumped up about this, and they cannot help but to marvel at the fact that this store will be available in a lot of new locations. Fabletics is a company that has been around for almost a decade, and now there appears to be more stores on the way for those hard-to-please customers that only shop offline.


She has embrace the concept of the VIP membership and build a relationship with Fabletics online, but Kate knows that there are some people that are just not comfortable with shopping online. She realizes that there is an older generation of consumers that are worried about credit card theft and all types of issues that could possibly occur from ordering through the internet.


The Fabletics site is safe, but these older consumers are stuck in their ways. That is why Kate Hudson is making a plea to connect to this older crowd by giving them options to offline shopping. She plans to open 100 stores within the next five years in order to accomplish this. Kate is also managing to connect with a whole new crowd of consumers that are going to be interested in building up a workout collection of clothes that they are able to try on.


Everyone is not going to gravitate towards online shopping when it comes to working out because they know that the first thing that will happen when they workout is that they will lose weight. This is why her customers that are shopping for athletic clothes from Fabletics are going to want to try the clothes on.


It is definitely beneficial to know what size you are wearing when it comes to trying on clothes. People that are not going to take the time to try on their clothes may be in for a surprise when they order something online if they are really losing a lot of weight. This is why I kept Hudson has taken every effort to make sure that people have access to quality clothing that they can try on in the stores. This may be a very popular idea that make prompt even more of the stores from Fabletics to open within the upcoming years. Kate is passionate about this concept.